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Learning Security is often difficult, especially getting started. Our contentcovers everything from basic bugs to advanced vulnerabilities.



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Kali Machine

Deploy and control your own Kali Linux machine in your browser. No custom environment needed!

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Video Access

Access our complete library of videos curated by infosec experts & official partners.

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Premium Content

Access all premium content on the platform. Over 100 on-demand courses!

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Faster Machines

All machines will deploy faster and with more resources! Get hacking quicker.

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Private VPN Server

Access your own private VPN, and stop sharing with crowded free servers.

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Enroll in Paths

Paths are a way to build fundamental, low level knowledge around a particular topic.

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Play Cyber Games

Competitively hack into a machine & retain your presence by patching vulnerabilities!

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Control in Browser

Control machines directly in the browser. No RDP/SSH/VNC client needed!

What our subscribers think

TryHackMe confronted one of the most glaring issues that many new comers face in theirintroduction infosec: setting up and maintaining a lab. While accessing practice VMs hasbecome markedly easier in the recent years, setting them upafter download can be achallenge. With TryHackMe, this process is minimized to installing OpenVPN, making itone of if not the best site for beginner hands-on learning.


Penetration Tester

With other platforms, you have a lot of hand holding with no real puzzles, or you havereal puzzles with no hints or hand holding at all. With TryHackMe, it's much more of achoose your own adventure. You choose whether you want to learn something cool, or tosolve a challenging box.


University Student

I started participating in online CTFs and didn't know how to start solving evening themost basic challanges, and then I came across TryhackMe! Its affordable compared toother platforms and beginner friendly. I love the way content is published in awalkthrough style making learning enjoyable.


University Student

I’ve been having to use multiple other platforms until I came across TryHackMe. Aftertesting it, I fell in love! Then I subscribed and everything got even better. I was ableto deploy, access and solve rooms all from my browser. The community is awesome too,very helpful people.


College Student

If you're looking for a community with a perfect balance between friendliness andcompetitiveness, you've found the right place. THM has content suitable for a multitudeof skill levels, and for me (as a beginner) I felt like the very reasonable subscriptionfee was a worthwhile investment. Whether you're interested in pentesting as a careerchoice or you're just looking to learn a new skill, being a subscriber is definitelyworth it. The additional rooms alone make the fee worthwhile, and with the added bonusof a dedicated in-browser Virtual Machine you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.


University Student

TryHackMe allows you to easily learn a wide variety of security topics, some of mypersonal favourite being hash cracking and reverse engineering. As a subscriber I caninteract with my own personal Kali VM, access paths and control machines directly in thebrowser - I only need an internet connection to get started. There is always new coursesbeing added to the site! The staff and community are always happy to help with learningtoo!


College Student